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2016 Fermented Pu-erh Cake Gongting Premium 357g

2016 Fermented Pu-erh Cake Gongting Premium 357g


2016 Fermented Pu-erh cake Premium choose high standard golden tea buds and young leafs as the cake ingredient.

Fermented Pu-erh (Ripened Pu-erh) tea has been enjoyed for 2,000 years started from east Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.). Pu-erh region located in the deep mountains in Yunnan Province. Ancient Tea-Horse Road was the only way to transport the tea from there.

The process used to convert Raw Pu-erh into ripened Pu-erh manipulates conditions to approximate the result of the aging process by prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm humid environment under controlled conditions, a technique called Wet Piling.

Since the unique post-fermented process, the longer the tea is preserved, the better the taste will be. The most suitable pot for Pu-erh is Purple-sand Pot.

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