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About T-Life

T-Life is a local South Australian tea brand situated on the Norwood Parade, which has provided the Adelaide area with the most authentic and high-quality tea experience for the past 8 years. Wayne and his team are committed to upholding the original aspiration T Life was founded on - to provide the best quality tea to the local market and to present a unique experience of traditional tea ceremony culture to Adelaide residents. As of 2022, T Life has more than 150,000 followers on social media and won the Adelaide East Side Best Customer Experience Award in 2022.

This is the spirit of  T-Life 

Tea is an ancient beverage with a rich history, having been enjoyed for over 2,000 years. In the modern day, it remains one of the most enjoyed beverages across the world. Across the millennia, tea has experienced countless changes in how it is enjoyed. As an Australian local business, T Life is dedicated to providing everyone with an insight into this ancient beverage, and more importantly, to present the authentic flavour it is supposed to have.


The professional tea masters and their ways of brewing and appreciating tea are true artists, and we at T-Life are dedicated to acknowledging and uplifting their craft. To be a Tea Master is to have complete knowledge of tea making, brewing, and serving, as well as a profound appreciation of the historical and cultural context and significance of tea. It is a true blend of rational, practical knowledge with perceptual artistry that elevates the drinking experience.

We keep exploring, by inheriting the traditions passed on since ancient times, accumulating experience and mastering the professional knowledge system and the unremitting pursuit of flavour expressiveness. T-Life is all about blending the careful and scientific management of the teas - the observation of hydrological terroir, growth climate and seasonal changes - along with the sophisticated and delicate tea brewing techniques and appreciation for the mastery that comes with thousands of years of tradition.


This is the spirit that T-Life is steeped in, and the passion that the whole team carries with us. We hope to inject this world with a unique and charming flavour. The taste of life – T Life.

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Meet Our Team 

Wu Hao (Wayne)

Director/Certified National Tea Master & Tea Taster

2016 Wayne finished Twining’s study tour in UK for English tea etiquette and finished porcelain-painting short study in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of China in 2020. 2021 Wayne finished study in Tea Research Institute in China and granted Certified National Tea Master and Tea Taster.

As the business owner, Wayne regularly holding different kinds of tea ceremony class in store, universities, institutions, local communities and individual customers for previous years. Wayne was in the position of lecturer for Multicultural Arts Festival in Uni SA 2019 and invited attending World Tea Expo in Sydney as the representative of SA.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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