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2005 'Golden Buds' Fermented Pu-erh cake 357g

2005 'Golden Buds' Fermented Pu-erh cake 357g


2005 Golden Buds cakes use the top quality of raw materials called 'golden young buds', which only harvest in the early spring period in 2005. More than 10 years aging brings a very special old tasting.

Highly recommended.


Fermented Pu-erh (Ripened Pu-erh) tea has been enjoyed for 2,000 years started from east Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.). Pu-erh region located in the deep mountains in Yunnan Province. Ancient Tea-Horse Road was the only way to transport the tea from there.

The process used to convert Raw Pu-erh into ripened Pu-erh manipulates conditions to approximate the result of the aging process by prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm humid environment under controlled conditions, a technique called Wet Piling.

Since the unique post-fermented process, the longer the tea is preserved, the better the taste will be. The most suitable pot for Pu-erh is Purple-sand Pot.

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