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Hantang Shipiao handmade purple clay teapot

Hantang Shipiao handmade purple clay teapot

Hantang Shipiao handmade purple clay teapot, national level of master desgin with 380ml.Purple clay (zisha) has the reputation of being a high quality clay because of its fine texture and porous nature, as well as being easy to mould. They became popular during the Ming Dynasty gradually replacing porcelain china. The various types of clay in the purple clay group contain different quantities of oxidised iron. As a result they produce different colours after being fired at various temperatures during the production process.Zisha also retains heat more efficiently than any other substance, and has a high resistance to shrinkage during the firing process. The versatile nature of the clay leads to an endless parade of teapots being turned out, limited only by the imagination and skill of the artisan. Designs range from geometric patterns to forms of living things, some are artistic masterpieces while others are more for daily use.
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