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Anhua Dark Tea mini brick 42g/box

Anhua Dark Tea mini brick 42g/box


Anhua dark tea is a national gegraphical indication product of China and it first appeared in Old Ancient Horse Road from hundreds years ago. It is a post-fermented tea with mushroom roma, which promoting disgestion, removing greasiness and withgt loss. 

Product comes with six mini bricks with tea bags. easy to brewing and making the tea. 

Inside of tea brick contains golden flower: Eurotiumcristatum, which is the golden zymophyte on the tea leaes that can be seen by naked eyes. Its component is the spore tof probiotic species. On one hand, it absorbs the efficient component of the tea and on the other hand, it produces a series of various small molecular compounds.



How to drink the dark tea?

1. Traditional drinking method: take 8g (1 small brick for 3-4 people) into the pot with 500ml boiled water, and then boil it for 1 minute with soft fire after the water in the pot is boiled again. Ready for drink after filtering the tea residues. 

2. Drinking method of Kong Fu Tea: use tea ceremony sets to drink dark tea as the same as other Kong Fu style (tranditional tea ceremony styles).

3 Cup-tea drinking method: take 4g tea and boiled water into the teapots or covered bowl with its lid, after 2-3minutes, ready for drink.

4. Milk tea drinking method: tea is made by the traditinoal drinking method, mix the milk and tea with the proportion of 1:5, and feed a little salt or sugar, then the milk tea is ready for drink. 


Store: In room temperature

Brewing temperature: 100 degree

Brewing amount: 1 brick

Brewing time: 30 seconds

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    Standard AU Post delivery. Orders typically arrive 3-5 business days after dispatch. 


    All the tea is non-refundable when it opened.