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'Hidden Shrimp' Misty Blue Glazed Celadon by master artist Li Zhen

'Hidden Shrimp' Misty Blue Glazed Celadon by master artist Li Zhen


Hidden Shrimp tea cup from Celadon master artist Mr. Li Zhen.


Mr. Li Zhen (1973- ), certified national artist in China, was born in Longquan Baoxi Celadon family. The grand generations Mr. Li Junyi and Mr. Li Huaide are the most famous celadon artist over the world.


From last 30 years, Li Zhen are focusing on study of North Song Dynasty (A.D. 960- 1127)style official Celadon making, which is called Bottom Nails Burning skill Celadon. He successfully concluded the modern skills to copy the North Song Dynasty for a few works. He made a breakthrough in the modeling technology of celadon of Longquan kiln and the firing technology of rare glaze configurations.


Now Li Zhen is the specially-appointed professor in Remmin University of China and also holding the regular lecture in Tsinghua University and Beijing University. He is the top class of Celadon artist and doing research more than hand working. Every year, a very limited works released on the auction house.


This hidden shrimp tea cup made by Li Zhen with his signature on the bottom. Special box with certificate. Very thin body of cup with deep misty blue glazed. Jade looking and iced feeling. You can see the shrimp crafting on the bottom when you give a strong lighting.