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'Zhan Fang' Celadon Gaiwan Liu Aifen Made

'Zhan Fang' Celadon Gaiwan Liu Aifen Made


Author's background: Mrs. Liu Aifen, Certified National Artisan in China. The Committee Member of Ceramic Association in Zhejiang Province. Inheritor of longquan Intangible cultural and formally acknowledge Mr. Xu Dingchang, one of the most famous Celadon artisan over the world. Mrs. Liu’s works are particularly unique and special. Most of her woks indicate the balance of natural and human. Celadon glaze are quite deep and jade looking. 


This Gaiwan made in 2020. The patterns are hand crafted before glazed. The picture shows the blooming of lotus. Very deep glazed in the bottom. 220ml of the Gaiwan comes with Mrs. Liu’s certificate and box, and Signature in the bottom.


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