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2005 Raw Pu-erh cake limited edition 357g

2005 Raw Pu-erh cake limited edition 357g


Raw Pu-erh The intent of the ‘Mao Cha’ stage is to dry the leaves and keep them from spoiling. It involves minimal processing and there is no fermentation involved. The leaves are rolled, rubbed, and shaped into strands through several steps to lightly bruise the tea and then left to dry in the sun. Once dry, Mao Cha can be sent directly to the factory to be pressed into raw Pu-erh.

All Pu-erh teas undergo some oxidation during sun drying and then become either:

  • Fully fermented with microbes during a processing phase, which is largely anaerobic.
  • Partly fermented by microbial action, and partly oxidized during the natural aging process resulting in Raw Pu-erh. The aging process depends on how the Raw Pu-erh is stored, which determines the degree of fermentation and oxidization achieved.

This is a limited edition cake which only produce 5000 cakes in 2005. 

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    Standard AU Post delivery. Orders typically arrive 3-5 business days after dispatch. 

    All the tea is non-refundable when it opened.