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Youqu Duan clay Purple clay teapot 150ml

Youqu Duan clay Purple clay teapot 150ml

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150ml size

There are three distinctive types of zisha: Zini, or “purple clay,” is dark and fine brownish-purple clay. Zhuni, or “cinnabar clay,” is orange-reddish high iron content clay. Duanni, or “fortified clay,” is formulated in various quartz and minerals in addition to zini or zhuni, and it appears in various textures and colors, including beige, blue, green and black. Due to the increasing demand for zisha teapots over time, zhuni is now nearly non-existent in quantities.

This teapot named as Youqu in Chinese ‘幽趣’, which means the delightful serenity of seclusion. Hand crafted on the body with a optery as Loushi Ming.

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