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The Greeting from T Life 2022

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

'In the contemporary era, the professional tea masters such as T Life who have a complete knowledge system of tea making, brewing and serving just like musicians and artists, they have both rational and perceptual flavour imagination. ' - Lehuyue From Taiwan, one of the famous tea supplier of T Life.


T Life keep exploring, by inheriting the tradition, accumulating experience and mastering professional knowledge system and the unremitting pursuit of flavour expressiveness, through the careful and scientific management of the tea gardens, observation of hydrological terroir, growth climate and seasonal changes, combined with their own sophisticated and delicate production techniques, they compose tea works with their own unique temperament style.

'We hope to make this world have a unique and charming flavour. '


In 2022, T Life will launch a upgraded new tea experience classes with CLCN, which including:

Tea Ceremony Class (Offline Practical)

Practical activities of Kong-Fu tea brewing, traditional tea ceremony skills and the technical using of traditional tea ware.

Tea History Class (Online & Offline)

Porcelain Appreciation Class (Online & Offline)


2022 is the eighth year for T Life. Also, T Life will specific select some new tea to introduce everyone, which is never appears in previous years.


2021 is a difficult year for T Life. The lucky thing is more and more online fans like our Facebook and Ins, and also regular customers always support us during the COVID-19. Your support and like is our most powerful motivator to keep going in next year.

Warm welcome to our shop and enjoy the master tea ceremony and tea tasting!

Let's looking forward to 2022 and have a happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

All the best for our lovely tea mate!

Best Regards,

T Life team

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