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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

August Tlife bonus for our Online followers:

In order to thanks for our valuable customers, we are going to set up new VIP membership system. First time spend more than $200 in Tlife, you will have the chance to register VIP membership card.

* Every spend $1 on T Life will earn 1 point in your membership card; you can spend the points later for 20 pints = $1.00

* VIP members enjoy the right for free tea ceremony tasting all the time.

* We will give VIP members the priority offer for the early spring tea (first pluck, limited release) every year, and every year we will offer the VIP member's only tea.

* All VIP member information is classified and saves in T Life database only.

* Membership card is not transferable.

As the bonus for online follower, we are free to send total 30 VIP cards now, first come, first served. Limited offer in August, the unique opportunity to become our VIP members for free! Welcome to join us!

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