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Tea - making etiquette

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Tea-making is a kind of art, as well as a sort of pleasure. The basic requirements of making tea are said to be clean spring water, fine tea sets, good tea, and proper infusion. Only in this way, you can make a good tea with fantastic loller, taste and smell.

Way of tea-serving

Tea-serving, in general, is to hold the cup body with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, wipe the bottom of the cup on the tea towel, use the left thumb and middle finger to hold both sides of the middle of the cup, and then present the tea cup with both hands to customers. Sometimes using cup clamp to present the tea cup would be much better. Offer the tea with the left hand, and make the please position with the right hand, saying 'Please drink tea'. The guests indicates with the right hand and say 'thank you'. Some formal time, guests can use bend fingers and tap the table twice to show the thanks.

Proportion of tea and water

The tea consumption is based mainly on the tea category, size of tea sets and drinker's daily habits. Usually for a 200ml to 350ml pot, 3-4 grams of tea leaves is perfect. In the first infusion, put the boiling water of 1/3 cup. After that, pour boiling water to the 7/10 or 8/10 cup. Full liquid may arouse unhappiness and discomfort of guests.

Mastery of infusion time

Infusion time relates to rough or tender tea leaves, amount of tea leaves, and water temperature and also the drinker's taste. To make a variety of tea extracts in proper proportion in liquid with good colour and taste, the first infusion is standardised to be within 2 minutes for 3 grams tea leaves.

Mastery of times in brewing

After each renewal of water, the leaching active ingredients decrease from tea leaves. The soluble substances can extract 50% to 55% from tea after the first infusion and 30% after the second infusion. Three to four infusions are normally recommended for green tea and scented tea. Oolong tea and black tea can be brewed 4-6 times continuously to take full advantage of the active ingredients. Only one or two infusions is good for broken black tea and some white loose leaf tea such as Silver Needle.

In addition, bagged tea is usually the tea powder of black tea or green tea, which is easy to extract and only one infusion is enough.


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