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Longquan Celadon history with The top artist of Celadon Porcelain - Mrs. Liu Aifen

Updated: Sep 11, 2022


Masterworks of porcelain art represents the pinnacle of the Chinese artistic tradition. There are some of the most exquisite and delicate works of art ever created, and the subject of intense admiration for generations of art lovers, collectors, and scholars. From purely functional vessels to decorative and ceremonial pieces from the collection of the Chinese emperors, porcelain defines the true essence of Chinese art. Today we are going to introduce the general background of celadon history and one of the famous celadon artist: Mrs. Liu Aifen.


Ancient dragon celadon kiln

The earliest examples of porcelain produced in China were vessels coated with a pale green glaze known as celadon. Their origins can be traced to the Shang Dynasty and enjoy a history of more than 3,500 years. Celadon has the longest history of any porcelain throughout the world.

During the Northern-Song Dynasty, as production increased, Longquan celadon became a style in its own right. Longquan ware was a type of celadon coated glaze soon won universal admiration. The powdery green and plum green glazes, which had been praised as the ‘the came of celadon glaze’, were among the finest example of celadon ware ever produced. The Longquan celadon can be divided into two types: one type features a greyish white body without crackles. The thicker glazed vessels often have lighter-colorer edges. The second type has a dark brown body and crackles in the glaze similar to the products of Guan Kiln of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Archaeological excavation of Ancient Longquan Celadon Kiln

The Longquan celadon now are especially well-known internationally in recent centuries, Large quantities of Longquan celadon are exported to overseas.

Longquan Kiln heritage


Mrs. Liu Aifen, now is senior art and crafts artist, Longquan inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, the committee member of celadon association in Zhejiang Province. She was born in 1972 in Longquan city Zhejiang Province China. Her father used to working in Shangyang national ceramic factory for raw ingredient making in last centruy. Mrs. Liu learnt celadon making from her master Mr. Xu Dingchang, which is senior arts and crafts artist, top celadon artist in China.

Mrs. Liu started her own workshop in 1996 named ‘Hong Feng Celadon Studio’, During these 20 years study and research, she is particularly good at celadon making, firing and the glaze innovation. Her works including ancient simple and elegant style, glaze colour moist like jade. Many of her works now are collected into Longquan city Museum, Zhejiang Province Museum, and Lishui Museum. Also, she won multiple times of province and national level’s award from last century.


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