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Luxury leaf: Silver Needle

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Silver Needle made from a single fresh leave and a tender bud; approximately 3cm long, picked in the early spring only, and covered all over by white hairs.

Silver Needle loose leaf


These pictures shows Silver Needle in microscope lens. Rich white hairs improve our body immune system, and antibacterial properties also diminish inflammation.

Silver Needle in microscope lens

Silver Needle in microscope lens

As only top buds (leaf shoots) of the tea plant every year are used to produce Silver Needle, so it becomes the most luxury white tea, which represents the highest grade of white tea and very limited production.


The Taimu Mountains are one of the more famous place growing white tea in Fujian Province China. Known as the "wonderland on the sea", it sports many high and steep mountains, spectacular rock formations, secluded caves, a foggy climate, and additional rivers and parks. In here, tea plantation still use hand picking process to produce the highest quality of Silver Needle.

All Silver Needle white tea from T Life are come from Taimu Mountains region.

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