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Selection of Tea

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

There are many tea classifications according to the different degree of fermentation, tea can be divided into non-fermented tea, semi-fermented tea, deep-fermented tea and fully-fermented tea, which also indicates with six types of tea: green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea and dark tea.


  • Dryness: Use your fingers to squeeze the tea leaves. If dry tea leaves are fragile, the tea is good; if not, it is damp, and tea quality has been affected.

  • Leaf shape: If tea leaf is complete, and tea colour is normal, it is good. Tea stems and tea powder in high proportion will affect tea's quality.

  • Fragrance:All kinds of tea emit different fragrances due to processing and the degree of fermentation. The tea soup with strong fragrance and aroma is best.


Good tea makes the mouth fragrant or the throat comfortable; the bad one tastes bitter.


Tea leaves make the tea soup in different colours due to the degree of fermentation. The tea soup should be clear with our turbid sediment. However, some particular tea such as Silver Needle or Green Spiral, which has rich white hair on the buds will result the tea soup becomes cloudy.

Brewed tea leaves

After the tea leaves are brewed, those spreading gradually are made from young fresh leaves and buds, and manufactured with excellent technology. The tea smells strong after several infusion. The tea whose leaves which can not spread or only spread to a small degree after repeated brewing fail in fixation or have been placed for too long time.

The tea leaves with complete shape are nice, and those with broken shape are secondary product. That means it is made by fresh, excellent tea health leaves. Old tea with prominent veins feel relatively blunt. In addition, the color of fresh tea leaves is clear; however the old tea is dark brown and black colour.


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