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Ru-ware master - Hsiao Fang

Updated: Mar 12, 2022


This incredible Ru-ware master cup was crafted by Hsiao Fang. The true art of Ru-ware as perfected in the Song imperial dynasty has been lost, yet some are able to closely approximate the skills. Out of all these artisans, Hsiao Fang is widely recognised as the best and the closest at achieving authentic Song-style porcelain - in fact, most pottery manufacturers across China, Japan, and Taiwan who attempt to imitate his works achieve at best 60% of his quality.

Fang was drawn to the porcelain styles of the Song Dynasty due to ithe elegant simplicity of the era's designs. Rather than being ornate and flashy, Song-style porcelain feels more fitting for everyday use, and even its bright colours and rendered in tone and quality to be calming - perfect for the relaxing nature of tea-drinking!

Hsiao Fang's dedication to the history and craft behind Song Dynasty porcelain is unrivalled, and that dedication has paid off in his truly phenomenal ceramic art.



Here we have another stunning Hsiao Fang Ru ware tea cup. If you've been reading our previous posts about Ru ware, you'll know how special and historically valuable this type of pottery is. Although less than 100 complete pieces of true Ru ware from the Song dynasty survive today, Hsiao Fang's work is the closest to matching these originals.

According to Mr. Hsiao Fang, "it takes time, care, and attention to get the work done"; work which requires constant research and attention to detail and dedication to complete mastery. Looking at his finished products, we at TLife definitely think all his hard work certainly pays off!


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